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Today on my moto drive in to work, I was having a little chitchat with my moto driver, They, and he asked me how old I am. I told him, and he said, “Oh! I 25! Perfect!” I replied with equal excitement, “You are not married!?” He said, “No no, no Honey.” I then asked him what he does all day and he said, “I drive moto! No Honey no Money!!”

courtesy of Vivek Patel
courtesy of Vivek Patel

I then laughed uncontrollably because for one, it rhymes. And for two, I was under the impression that it was quite the opposite case, at least in the states! “More Honey, no Money!”

Well, listeners and readers, we now come to a point in the show where I need your advice! There’s a nifty “poll” button at the top of my blog draft just begging to be pushed, so here we go.

Last night I went to a gym with my coworker. This gym is like…the Club Sport of Phnom Penh. The Chelsea Piers of Cambodia. The lady rides up the elevator with you, then another lady walks you to the locker room, and waits outside for you so she can escort you to the gym. Then another 5 people eagerly drift about waiting to assist you with a machine or spot you on the bench. It has a cafe, two floors of equipment, a sauna room, and a rooftop jacuzzi. This place is FANCY. But here’s the issue. Do I really need it? I can afford it. The way I felt when I left that place was pretty amazing. Is that simply because I felt spoiled and taken care of or was it because I got an amazing work out in and a fantastic high pressure shower and blow dry? Also, do I really fit in? Am I a huge hypocrite for saying I’m one thing, then practicing another (i.e. squandering away money for unnecessary reasons?) Believe me, I paid much more than this for a rickety old gym at the tip of NYC just because I felt hardcore everytime I left. I know I can will myself to wake up and go for a run, but I’m not sure I get enough of a workout from just running.

I eagerly await your decision.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gauri says:

    you will never get the same amount of service for the same amount of money in the US. spoil yourself.


  2. nats says:

    im all for the gym…how much is it?


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