It is January 15th, and I got in. I got in! I got in I got in I got in! I got into Starting Bloc! I am excited and nervous and intrigued and confused and absolutely stunned. I am working out the details as we speak, but if all goes well, I will be in NYC and SF for the whole month of March (a bit of both cities), working, learning, living, eating, running, smiling, and playing. I will be dropping you a line or two to find out where you are of late, and try my best to visit you! If you don’t hear from me, please please get in touch, as I am very forgetful and there is no doubt I would love to see you.

I may not be back in the states for some time as it were, so this is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity 😉

Thanks for all the support!! I am missing North America for unintelligible reasons and cannot wait to frolic in Central Park and drink Jamba Juice and watch a big screen movie. Maybe speak a bit of the local language too.

UPDATE: All went well. My company is amazing and supportive and I am the luckiest girl alive! I will be back in America February 26th to March 31st. About 3 weeks in NYC and 1 week in SF. I still haven’t decided which week to spend in SF so let me know if you have any limiting plans (or essential parties) which I can/should work around. I can’t wait!!!

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  1. sab says:

    AH! I just sent you an e-mail to see if your trip was going throughn and then i saw your latest post. yes yes yes!!! can’t wait!


  2. avnish says:

    The last time you were this excited was
    when you got admission to CMU !!! I will
    not forget that day ..

    Took lots of push and pull from you to
    get in … but you know now that stuff
    worth asking for is worth fighting for …

    Be great to have you back … make
    sure you have time for the our next


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