What does it mean to have a well educated country?

When neither those residing in New Delhi nor those of New York City nor those of Helsinki know how to make a woman feel respected, valued, and unobjectified throughout the city; what is the value of calling ourselves educated?

Just as the loving father states, “I am as happy as my unhappiest child,” shall the countrymen likewise state, “I am as educated as my least educated man?”

Seems absurd to compare our countries as we do when they each fail to make me feel safe enough to take a midnight stroll, to wear comfortable clothing, to live without fear and self accusation.

The next time a man walks past me and mumbles, “Nice titties,” under his breath, with his leering eyes, as he scratches himself like a barbarian, he can expect my high heel doing all the scratching for him.

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  1. Ankit Gupta says:

    Sick idiots.. Otherwise with you.. I guess. one can’t go past your eyes!!


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