Stars in the Sky

I was dreaming about Unreasonable last night, about the long lost brothers and sisters I discovered 3 long years ago. I was reminded of our idealism, then. And maybe still.

Shabnam Aggarwal

We paused, locked in a state of contemplative confusion as our eyes and hearts refused to allow the other to veer off to a side road. It felt as if breathing might break us from some imminent discovery. Finally he glanced upwards, as I sat back in the grass for a mere moment and caught the tail end of a shooting star. We let out a snicker-sigh as he remarked, “Oh…yea.”

We had been discussing our purpose, our role, our reason in this world. Our expectations and our assumptions for who we were responsible to become and how we really planned to achieve such voracious goals.

I wondered aloud whether we were the ones to take up such causes as putting roofs over survivor’s heads, bringing fair wages to farmer’s hands, empowering our youth to become independent individuals. We, who had been blessed from day one, who had been given…

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